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Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Tomorrow is the night!

Did you know that January 31st is due to be the year’s biggest night for first dates? At least that’s what a Parship survey of 5000 singles tells us. Apparently there will be 2.5 million dates in Britain this month, three times more than in December!

I suppose it makes sense though. I personally consider January the bleakest of the months – Christmas is gone and Spring’s still too far away. It’s dark, it’s cold and there’s nothing fun happening (except the Australian Open of course!)

That’s when you need to turn the tables and make things happen yourself. And it turns out four out of five online daters in Parship agree with me – they would actively meet someone in January.

However, on the other hand, I’ve never had a January first date. It’s just a little bit too hard for me to believe that anyone could be attractive showing up on a first date wrapped up in a huge jacket, scarf, wearing a hat and having a frost-bitten nose. Maybe in the Caribbean a January date would work, but in Britain?

So what would be a good idea for a winter date? Anything that makes you look less like a sausage wrapped in bacon and more like an attractive alluring human being! I did once have a February first date in a gym! We went jogging and had dinner afterwards. That was fun, I have to admit. I’ve also met up with a date on a poolside – mind you, it wasn’t a first date, it’s just a little bit too intimidating showing up in a bathing suit for your first date. Although it’s the polar opposite to being wrapped up in a puffa jacket, it reveals perhaps a little bit too much about your figure on a first date.

Oh, but there’s always the cinema. You could have your first January date watching a movie together. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. I think that’s what I’ll try next.

January 31 the year’s biggest night for first dates – The Telegraph


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