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Can online dating replace real-life love?

New research by American psychology professors claim that online dating cannot substitute real ‘live’ dating because no matter how informative and thorough one’s online dating profile might be it can’t guarantee natural chemistry and attraction between two people.

That, of course is true. However, we here at online dating help HQ feel that online dating is not supposed to replace or substitute real-life dating – it’s just a means to an end. A method to help daters meet each other, to make it possible for two people to get together behind a bar counter or dinner table and make their decisions then whether they in fact want to continue to see each other.

However, there are some very interesting points made by the scientists in this research. They claim that the longer and the more thorough your profile is, the less chances there are for it to actually attract someone compatible. They claim – and from our own experience we can say there’s some truth in it – that long and thorough profiles in huge numbers tend to overload people.

If you think about it, wouldn’t you agree? There are some online dating sites that give you an opportunity to write loads about yourself and put together a very extensive profile – Match, eHarmony and MySingleFriend, to name the most popular ones. While this is a great feature in itself to give users the opportunity to really express themselves in their own words, it can also be a rather tedious task to wade through lots of profiles like that every day. You can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by all that information available. Also, that might keep you in an endless loop looking for someone ‘ideal’ that matches all your criteria. Therefore we agree that while a profile should be intriguing, inviting and – above all – create a truthful image of you, it is actually better to leave some things to be discovered in the real world. A little mystery won’t hurt anyone but it could create enough curiosity for you to stand out and spark that special interest in someone. Whether it’s going to work between you or not is up to what happens in real life.

What about sites like eHarmony that actually match you with compatible daters themselves? The American scientists claim that while these matching algorithms reduce the number of potential dates from many to a few, that too can’t guarantee real compatibility. They go even further and claim these algorithms don’t really work.

Do they or don’t they? What can we say – dating isn’t science. Nothing ever works one hundred per cent. Even if the algorithms do work and match you with someone very compatible, it cannot guarantee mutual attraction. Don’t we online daters know it! These things happen.

Dating – online or offline – isn’t risk free. But what sites like eHarmony offer us, is an excellent opportunity to create contact with someone who you might never have come across otherwise. It only broadens our horizons and that in itself is a step closer to finding love rather than a step away from it.


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