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Crazy Like You – A site for interesting people

Update: CrazyLikeYou is no longer online.

It’s not often that a dating site comes along that looks like it has something positive and valuable to add to an already crowded marketplace. Crazy Like You is one of those rare sites that fills a genuine gap and is growing in popularity. So we’d like to hand the rest of this blog post over to Morten to introduce his new website and explain why he decided to start it. Over to Morten…

“When I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, loneliness and lack of understanding was a major issue. Sitting in a therapist’s chair, I decided to investigate what options there were for social networking amongst fellow sufferers. There were loads of forums, but I really wanted a site where you could meet other people. I didn’t really find what I was looking for, so I started, just to see.

It has all along been the intention to not treat mental health issues as a disease – more of a challenge. For me, it is something that should be embraced, not cured. And once you have come to terms with your condition you might want to interact with other people in the same boat. As mental health charity “Mind” research shows, 57% of English people would not date anyone with a “mental illness”, so where to go ? Another stated goal is for people to be upfront when they sign up. I think we’ve all seen the cookie cutter profiles on some websites. I sincerely hope Crazy Like You will encourage people to be open.

Admittedly, it’s a tough sell – selling a dating site is hard enough, with never ending competition. But selling it to people who struggle with mental health on top of it, there is suddenly another obstacle to overcome. It is not the case I don’t take mental health seriously, on the contrary – I know what it’s like being alone in the world. Crazy Like You is my way of coping.”

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