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First date ideas in London

A guest post from DoingSomething – a creative bunch who know a thing or two about hatching fun and unique date ideas in London.

Online dating can be a nerve-wracking experience.

You’ve combed the internet for the best sites (thanks for doing such a sterling job, Online Dating Help). Fretted about your pic and profile. Wondered how best to email the god/dess of your dreams (and learnt the ‘hey, wassup’-doesn’t-win-you-brownie-points SHOCKER)

You’ve leapt all those hurdles. And found yourself sitting in a chain-pub, across a sticky table from a total stranger, unable to shift the conversation from the fact that you both hate your jobs and she’s never got over the loss of her childhood dog, Skippy.

Stop right there, my friend.

02 ArenaBecause life is too short to be stuck in another boring, ordinary date. Especially when you could be climbing the O2 in a bright yellow jumpsuit. Or kayaking in Hackney. Or going all prohibition-era at a hidden speakeasy. Or sweeping your hand over plush white leather seating whilst gazing at a spectacular 180-degree view of London.

Hello. We’re We’re all about what you want to DO on a date, and we’re on a mission to make dating fun again. Yes. It’s a mission, people.

Here’s how it works. You add a date idea to your profile. Other people can say it ‘sounds good’ and give it their thumbs-up. You go out and a) get to do the thing you wanted to do b) you find someone who wants to do it, too and c) you’ve got something to talk about, built-in. And for once, it’s not the weather. Or a dog called Skippy.

You can either submit your own idea for a date, or add one we’ve carefully curated for you – and with the latter, see lots of other people who want to do it, too. Instant conversation starter. Simple. And a better way to see if you’ve got stuff in common than yet ANOTHER list of favourite movies…

Here are our top five ideas to put a spring in your dating step;

Kew Gardens – the classic botanical experience, or head to the tree-top walkway.

Science Museum Lates – because who says the lighter evenings need to be spent in a pub garden.

London Aquarium – who doesn’t love a starfish. And sharks. When they are behind VERY thick glass.

Gelato Mio – forget going out to dinner, grab a gelato with your date instead.

Play Ping Pong at Bounce – A bit of competition gets that blood pumping, don’cha know?

We’ve been loving the London life so far, but we’re spreading our fun across the nation very soon – Birmingham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Manchester, gird yourselves – so watch this space!

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