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DoingSomething Interview

Think all dating sites are the same? Meet DoingSomething, more specifically meet Matt Janes, the founder and brains behind DoingSomething – a UK dating site with a difference…

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Could you tell us how DoingSomething came into being? The online dating market is pretty crowded so what prompted the idea to start another site and how easy was it to get it up and running?
I had become fed up dating. I had spoken to a couple of friends in the same scenario and we all agreed that we were wasting night after night on dull “groundhog day” style dates in soulless bars. We decided if you were doing something new and original that you wanted to try any way it wasn’t a waste of your time. There is also strong proof that trying a new activity or skill enables you to bond all the more with another person.

DoingSomething is a pretty unique site with a simple yet original idea. How has the site evolved since its launch?
We have grown the site from 1 member to approx. 30,000 in just over 2 years. As the site grows we are adding more and more date ideas and our members are generating more and more of their own which has a viral effect across the site. We have just re launched the new look site with a much simpler interface and more ways to view members.

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What principles are important to you in running the site?
The main thing is to provide a good service for our members. Making sure we are on hand 24/7 for any queries or customer service issues is a must. We also trawl the site for any fake looking profiles to make sure there is absolutely no fraud or disingenuous people on there. In terms of the date ideas they must be in keeping with our audience. The idea must be fresh and original and have something different to offer than its competitors. We wont just recommend anything!

What are the biggest challenges and most rewarding parts of running an online dating site?
The biggest challenge would have to be competing with the big players out there. We have a completely different take on online dating but being a small site we have to shout twice as loud to get our message out there. The most rewarding part would be the tweets or emails from our members who wouldn’t usually associate themselves with an online dating site but love the brand so much they’ve given it a go. We have had a DoingSomething marriage and baby too – that was pretty rewarding!


Give us an example of a great first date DoingSomething style?
The weirder the better – we had a lot of press attention for promoting Pub Yoga Dating classes because everyone was so curious about what it would be. A great first date for me would be doing something creative like Taxidermy classes at The Last Tuesday Society – there’s no way you would be stumped for conversation pointers on that date!

How do you deal with the competition – from international giants like Match or eHarmony to the rise of mobile dating like Tinder?
We have a lot of great partners that really believe this is a better way to date and support us as much as possible. It’s about telling as many people as possible that this method works because it does! We tend to see that people get disillusioned with the dating giants promoting “ever-lasting love” and are looking for another solution.

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DoingSomething seems mainly focused on Londoners at the moment. Are you planning to widen your reach to other UK cities?
We have grown rapidly in London because there is just so much to do here! The city is the ultimate dating playground. We soft launched in 5 other major cities last year (Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol) but you will have to watch this space for the official launch date!

What type of daters is DoingSomething geared towards? Can anyone find a suitable match here – mature daters as well as younger ones?
Yes – as long as you are up for trying new experiences this is the site for you. From people who want to go on a rock climbing date to those looking to do something nearer the ground like visiting an art gallery there is something (and someone) for everyone.


What are your plans for 2014 – anything interesting going to happen that you can tell us about?
In February we are hosting the worlds highest urban ice bar party at The View from The Shard. It will be a Guinness world record! We even have a 2 tonne igloo going up there!

Seeing we’re called Online Dating Help – what’s your top tip for someone starting out online dating?
Number 1 tip would be not to lie on your profile. After that it would be to have no expectations when meeting someone except to enjoy what you are doing. That way you can’t come away disappointed and it removes the “judging” element that makes online dating so awkward.

Thanks Matt 🙂

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