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EasyFlirt Review

EasyFlirt Review Aet Suvari

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Summary: Confusing design and lacks credibility by sending dubious messages to entice you to subscribe.


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EasyFlirt is a French based company that needs to clean up its practices and simplify its sites to make them more user-friendly and trustworthy. Find out why in our Easyflirt review…

The first thing you do at Easyflirt – and we literally mean the first thing – is to define whether you’re here simply for flirting or looking for a serious relationship. Handy perhaps if you really have a clear idea what you’re looking for, but could be a bit of a drag if you really just came to have a look, maybe flirt a little, but do not really want to close your door to the possibility of a serious relationship.

But once you get in to the site, you discover that there is an option to do both – albeit from two separate sites with two separate profiles, which at the same time can be identical. Confused? So are we. Not sure why they’ve made it so complicated and created these parallel universes when in reality all this could easily be done from one single site with no fuss.

Setting Up Your Profile

Creating your profile is relatively simple and straightforward – there’s not much to write yourself, mostly it’s just ticking the right boxes. There are quite a few boxes to tick though as in addition to the usual height-weight-hair colour, you get to answer some more personal questions, like what kind of a plant or animal would you be.

One of the first things they offer however, right after you’ve signed up, is an option to install their messenger service to be accessible to members at all times. That comes even before profile-building.

Easyflirt is advertised as being free for girls. That means in theory you get to send, receive and most importantly read and reply to emails without subscribing to the full membership. There’s more – apparently you can also use the live chat for free, but only if you’re a woman trying to chat up a man!

Where’s the catch? Well, we’re a little unsure because one thing that this site is not, is clear. There’s is a Help section, but they don’t really tell you how the site works. It has all these different options but don’t be surprised if not all of it works quite as it’s supposed to, because to be honest, this site is a bit of a mess.

The Search

Once your profile is up and running you can start using it right away. The search is easy enough to use and offers a lot of different parameters to search by – but we can’t say it comes back with a lot of results, except if you are in London, maybe. Easyflirt might be a popular site in France but it’s definitely playing catch up in the UK so be sure to check numbers in your area before signing up.

You can chat to other users through the site’s messenger system, send out emails and send ‘kisses’. Every user has also specified whether they have a webcam and whether they’re interested in using it to chat with you but again, it’s a little unclear how to use it.

What is very annoying is that the site is absolutely inundated with advertisements and they even take up most of the space from the profiles. The design is really poor on this site and you really don’t get a very good idea of what the person you’re trying to date is like – the profiles just aren’t very informative.

Another feature that we mentioned earlier is the option to use their ‘flirty’ site and apparently there’s also a matchmaking site called Destidyll. Why have all these different sites and not just one? Especially as all the information is essentially the same on all three. Anyways, on the matchmaking site you get to fill in a compatibility test type of a questionnaire but it’s with such poor grammar and so full of typos that we almost gave up half way through. The results that come back are also few, the design is awful and all-in-all our advice would be not to waste your time with the matchmaking account.

The flirty account is, like we said, exactly the same as your initial Easyflirt profile, only it opens in a different window. It doesn’t actually offer you any extras – maybe it has a slightly different clientele? That would be the only explanation behind the mystery of two sites within one.


There’s an option for live chat, mobile flirting and something that has been named as a speedflirt – just a quick way of browsing through the possible dates and marking whether you could be interested in meeting them. If you are interested in them and they are interested in you – you’ll both get notified of each other’s interest and you can then take it from there.

Free vs Paid site

The advantages of using the paid site include unlimited access to live chat and written messages, plus an ability to write 10 times longer messages than in the free site. You also get priority validation of your profile and access to customer service. But ladies trying to talk to men get to use the chat for free


Easyflirt is not only confusing with its three different sites in one approach – we also received several messages before we’d completed our profile. A classic method employed by unscrupulous sites to tempt you to subscribe in order to read them. It’s the kind of practice that got Cupid into trouble and is something we want to protect our visitors from.

If you like the look of Easyflirt then by all means sign up for free and get a feel for what it’s like but if you start receiving messages from interested members before you’ve even put anything on your profile then think twice before subscribing as they might not be genuine members.

Pros and Cons: Easyflirt review

Easyflirt Review tick  The site has potential due to its success in France and its search is easy to use.
Easyflirt Review cross  Everything is one huge mess, the site really needs a lot more clarity and a clean up of its standards!

That concludes our Easyflirt review, we hope you have a better time than we did on it if you decide to join! Otherwise why not check out our Top 10 Dating Sites list to find some alternatives that we rate much higher than Easyflirt.

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