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eHarmony prices 2017

Everything you need to know about the latest eHarmony prices 2017.

No more Basic & TotalConnect Plans

The TotalConnect Plan has everything from the Basic Plan with two additional features:

Secure Call – call your matches without revealing your number.
Premium Personality Profile – a more in-depth personality test.

See our eHarmony plan comparison table below to see all features of each plan.

So the extra features of TotalConnect aren’t a deal breaker, the site is more than usable on the basic plan. But they’re useful features to have and make the offer below quite enticing.

Special Offer: 12 Month Plan
This is the standout deal at the moment – 12 month plan for £11.95 a month.

  1. 12 months (save 65%) – £143.40 (£11.95 a month)

Get offer: Sign up here

Basic Plan prices:
Lets you view photos and communicate with your matches.

  1. 3 months – £101.85 (£33.95 a month)
  2. 6 months – £125.70 (£20.95 a month) save 38%
  3. 12 months – £143.40 (£11.95 a month) save 62%

Get Plan: Sign up here

Choosing the best plan for you

eHarmony isn’t the cheapest dating site in the world – especially if you’re hoping to meet someone you might click with within a month. So if you’re more hare than tortoise and are put off by the one month subscription cost then we’d recommend checking our Best Dating Sites for some cheaper short term alternatives.

Because it’s only when you start looking at the longer term eHarmony subscriptions that the monthly rates start offering value. We’ve been guilty of signing up for a one month subscription ourselves only to regret our decision after the 30 days have flown by and we were only just beginning to start some connections.

By signing up to a longer subscription from the beginning you’ll be on a much lower monthly rate so you can take your time, see more new members join and when you’re ready you can arrange to meet up with potential matches. With a longer subscription if you meet someone you like then you’ll be happy with the investment while if it doesn’t quite work out then you can always come back if your subscription period’s still running without having to sign up again.

eHarmony 2017 Prices:

Here’s a summary graphic of the best plans available on eHarmony (without using the eHarmony discount code above).

eHarmony prices 2017

As you can see the £11.95 a month special offer is the best deal all round but sign up for free and you might well be offered a bigger discount.

Is eHarmony for me?

Our eHarmony review will give you a good idea of how eHarmony works and what makes it different from most other dating sites. Can’t decide between eHarmony or Check out our article on v eharmony to weigh up the main differences between the two most popular sites in the UK. In a nutshell if you like to do all the searching yourself then’s for you – but if you’s prefer a site that does all the searching for you based on compatibility tests then eHarmony will suit you better.

Payment options

You can pay via Paypal or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only). The 3 month subscription needs to be paid up front in a single payment however the 6 and 12 month offers lets you spread your payments into 3 instalments which cements them as the best deals to go for compared to the 3 month plan.

Auto renewal and cancelling your subscription

It’s standard for just about every dating site to auto renew your subscription unless you inform them before that you wish to cancel when your subscription runs out. Thankfully stopping auto-renewal is easily done on eHarmony. Here’s the simple way to cancel from within your account.

  1. Sign in to your eHarmony account
  2. From your membership home page, click ‘My Settings’ (top right of page) then ‘Account Settings’ (also top right).
  3. At the Subscription Status section (bottom of page), click ‘Cancel My Subscription’ (to stop auto-renewal) or ‘Close Account’ to close your account completely.
  4. Provide the information requested (optional)

Unlike many dating sites we’ve reviewed eHarmony offers a full refund if you decide the site’s not for you within the first week. You basically have until midnight of the 7th business day following the date of purchase to receive a full refund. If you’re outwith the 7 days or your subscription has already renewed, we’re afraid it’s goodbye to your refund. To get your refund just call eHarmony on 0800 028 0308 (open 10:30am and 7:30pm then Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat).

eHarmony prices 2017 – Conclusion

Told you we’d tell you everything you needed to know about eHarmony prices 2017! Hopefully we’ve answered any questions you had about the various subscriptions and have helped you make a more informed choice before parting with your cash.

At the moment the deal below is our Editor’s Pick of the subscription plans.

  1. 12 months (save 65%) – £83.40 (£6.95 a month)

Get offer: Sign up here

We know what you might be thinking though – a whole year to find a date! I want to meet someone within a couple of weeks!

Funny how many of us invest several months or years into looking for the right house to live in yet we often expect to meet a great match online in a fraction of that time. Main thing is you take out a subscription you can afford while offering the best chance of meeting someone compatible within a reasonable time.

All the very best to you on your search if you do decide to join!

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You’ve reached the promised land – the end of our eHarmony prices 2017 article 🙂

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