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Hidden method to get a free 1 month subscription

We found a hidden trick to get a free one month subscription when you buy a month subscription. Find out how we did it in this mini tutorial…

We’ve yet to see any discount codes since we launched Online Dating Help in 2008. A couple of times a year you might get a free trial weekend where you can test the site out before subscribing but generally the prices you see are what you get with no further discounts available.

So we were surprised when we found a ‘buy one get one free’ offer hidden away in the site. We wanted to try it more than once to be sure it wasn’t a fluke and each time we’ve been offered the same deal so we’re confident that you can get this deal too if you follow the steps below.

Note that this is a way to effectively get half price for as many months as you decide to continue your subscription. Using this technique every time you extend your subscription for a month you’ll get an extra free month too. Perfect for those of us who only sign up for a month to begin with then realise we’re going to need a bit longer on the site than we first expected.

Using this method you’ll get free for one month for every month you buy – meanig you end up paying £14.99 a month instead of £29.99, not a bad saving at all.

However, we could have saved ourselves even more if we signed up to the current 56% off 6 months offer which works out at only £12.99 a month – see details on our prices post.

But if you’d rather not be tied into a long contract then this month by month discount is your best bet. This method can be used by new members after their initial month reaches its end as well as existing members. Here’s how we did it:

Free for 1 month method

At least two days before your current subscription runs out (you can find out when your subscription expires by click on your username in the top right then selecting ‘My Account Settings’) do the following:

  1. Go to ‘My Account Settings’ (under your username in the top right)
  2. Under ‘My Subscription’ click ‘Manage your subscription’
  3. On the next page click ‘To manage your subscription online, click here’
  4. Re-enter your login details on the next page as instructed
  5. On the next page, beside ‘Your next payment’ click ‘Cancel your subscription’
  6. On the next page it says ‘You’re about to cancel your subscription’ click ‘continue’
  7. Click ‘continue’ again and tick any features you used (optional)
  8. The next page will ask ‘Why do you want to cancel your subscription?’
  9. Select ‘Because it’s too expensive’ then click ‘continue’
  10. You’ll now be offered your free month!

We did warn you it was hidden!

Here’s what the offer page looks like if you follow the steps above:

free month

And here’s our confirmation screen to show you we’re not just making it up!

free month

If and when you do decide to leave for good, we’ve created an article on How to cancel your subscription.

Sign up for the free offer

You can sign up to here or read our review.

Good luck if you decide to go for it and hope it helps save you some money 🙂


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