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Girls Date For Free Review

Girls Date For Free Review Aet Suvari

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Summary: Girls have nothing to lose by signing up, guys on the other hand should weigh up if it's worth the cost.


A pretty average site from the Cupid plc dating-site factory, which has one pretty big upside: girls date for free.

The online dating landscape used to be such a weird and wonderful place back in the days when it was full of different sites trying to make it on their own and carve out something unique.

It used to be fun, sometimes a little strange, sometimes even quite bad – but at least it was different. Every site had its own face, its own ring to it. Now that the Scotland-based Cupid plc has bought a lot of those smaller independent sites, most of them are probably doing better but the originality and individuality has evaporated.

That’s also the case with Girls Date For Free. It’s not a bad site, it really isn’t – it’s got lots of things going for it. It’s just a little too polished, everything about it is shiny and squeaky-clean and a little lifeless.

Creating a profile

Signing up to a dating site should always be a little creative. I know a lot of online daters can’t be bothered with writing long descriptions about themselves – after all, they are signing up for a purpose, not for rambling on about themselves. If they wanted to do that, they’d blog, right? While it’s true that no dating site should make their signing up process so laborious as to drive people away, I think that it also doesn’t pay to give people a free ride when it comes to their self-description. Girls Date For Free profiles are so meagre that there’s almost nothing you can say about yourself. There’s a little headline and a small description bit that one needs to fill in immediately after creating the profile. And that’s about it. Of course, you can write about your interests, hobbies, favourite music or films or books too, but the whole thing is a bit of a mess and profiles are overly cluttered with stuff – but no real information unless members themselves really make an effort.

Perhaps the focus is on other things here – I mean, you can load up loads of photos and even a video. While these features are important and will surely get you attention, I’d still suggest that you make an effort with the creative part as well. Looks matter, I’m not going to lie, but ultimately what you say will also matter. Especially if you’re looking for more than just a fling.

By the way – if you don’t upload a photo, you won’t only be able to see the full-sized pictures on other profiles and get just a small preview pic but you won’t also be able to use the free communication option – even if you are a girl! This is a smart move as it helps to keep the scammers away. And uploading a photo on your profile is a smart thing anyway and I’m not going to patronise you by talking how important it is on a dating site. Just make sure your photo is a really good one not just a selfie you snapped on your smartphone or webcam.

Searching and chatting

As far as search goes on a Cupid-owned site, there’s nothing to complain about. Search here has a lot of options from the most basic quick search to very detailed advanced search and you have lots of options for sorting the results, including sorting them by the most responsive members. This is something we like and think most dating sites could benefit from sorting their results like that. Nobody likes to send out messages that never get a reply and while there are things we can do to increase the chances of our mails being read and replied to, it still helps to know whether the matches offered to us by a dating site are likely to be disappointing in that respect.

By the way, if you’re a girl on this site, you’ll soon notice that there are some girls trying to get in touch with you, sending you emails and winking at you etc. Since emailing is free for girls, there are probably some guys who have signed up as girls instead of paying the subscription fee. It sounds a little cheap, yes, but I suppose that’s what you get if you create a dating site where some people have to pay and others don’t.

Getting in touch is easy too and also has plenty of options – winking, icebreakers, standard messaging and chatting. Now I know, most of the girls want to find out if messaging is really free for them – it is, and so is their very own chat system, which can also be used downloaded so you could use it to chat with your Facebook friends as well as members of the site, although I have no idea why anybody would want to do that.

You can also see the activity that has taken place all under one tab – who has winked at you, who has asked you for a photo, who is admiring you, who has added your profile among their favourites etc. Similarly there’s a list of activities you have performed on other members’ pages too.


Girls Date For Free has a lot of extras. Chatting privately or in a chatroom is one of the main ones. As we said, you can even download a Desktop Chat software to keep chatting without having to log in to the site.

Girls Date For Free also advertise some UK dating events, which you can search right there from the site. Since they are powered by, they’re mostly speeddates but also single’s parties and other activity events.

If you want to, you can use Girls Date For Free on your mobile, downloading their own app – but bear in mind it’s for Android only. It has all the main features including quick search, chat and integrated maps.

Free vs Paid

If you’re a girl, this is probably worth your time. However, since other girls have the same advantage here, the competition is going to be bigger and you need to work harder to stand out.
When it comes to guys it’s pretty basic – you can create a profile, perform the search and send icebreakers or winks but nothing else.

Is it worth their while to subscribe? I’m not sure. To be honest, I think there are better sites out there. Besides, if girls who have signed up here don’t pay a penny, their commitment to this site is likely to be much lesser than that of the guys who have paid. Some girls here might not be taking the whole dating thing very seriously – I’m sure some of them are, just not all. So the playing field is not completely level.

If you’re a guy and you can’t make up your mind if you’d like to join or not, I suggest you sign up for their 3-days trial, costing just £2.97. This way you can have a look at the features they offer and make an educated decision based on your own experience. Just make sure you cancel the subscription before the three days have run out.

Oh, and one more thing – this is something that Girls Date for Free has recently introduced. Even girls can now opt for a special upgrade, which would help them to connect with everyone on the site – even the non-paying guys. For £9.90 a month any member can email you with no cost to them. All in all perhaps not a bad move from the site, although I have no idea how many girls actually use that option. There are other extras also that you can purchase even as a free user – for example special smileys to use in your emails will cost you £1.99 a month, coming up higher in search will set you back by £4.99 every month as will highlighting your profile in search results.


Girls Date For Free has one good thing going for it, separating it from the other dating sites of that type – girls date for free. That’s it. If you’re a guy, it doesn’t have much for you here. And if you’re a girl, you’ll probably soon see that while it is free it’s perhaps not the most entertaining and unique dating site out there. That said, it’s not a bad site either, so give it a go and see how it works out for you.

Pros and Cons

Good - Girls Date For Free review Pro: Search is good, with a lot of options.
Bad - Girls Date For Free review Con: While girls get to use the site for free, guys still have to pay and that doesn’t make a level palying field.

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