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How to make your dating profile stand out from the crowd

In all the years we’ve used or reviewed online dating sites we’ve seen countless profile pages. We’ve seen the funny ones, the crazy ones to the seriously expect thorough ones.

We’ve seen pages with loads of photos or with no photos at all. We’ve seen wisecrackers, show-offs, romantic types, shy people, flirty folk to the sexy and alluring… We’ve seen brief pages with hardly any information, very boring pages that you forget the next moment you move away from the page, highly eloquent profiles as well as those with countless grammar mistakes or text speak.

But most of all I think we’ve seen profiles that are just ordinary. We’ve seen tens of thousands of ordinary looking profiles that don’t really portray that unique person who’s looking for love, friendship or just some company. The problem is that dating sites these days have many thousands of users so it’s very hard to stand out among them and to make sure that your profile gets noticed and remembered.

Dating Profile tips

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So, what should you do to make sure that your profile really stands out and that the guy or girl you’re looking for won’t just pass it by without getting in touch? Make sure you make it hard to pass by. How? Well it’s actually pretty easy if you follow our basic guidelines. You’ll be surprised what you’re capable of if you make the neccessary effort.

First, what you need is a good username. Something that captures the essence of who you are. Something that has a good ring to it, not something that everyone else is called. It could be partly your own name or the name of the character in your favourite book or the street where you played ball as a child… anything that is memorable, anything that has a meaning for you will do. The worst type of usernames are those with a vague (or not so vague) sexual reference – trust us, anything with number 69 in it sounds just plain banal and gross. Take some time to ponder about your username because most sites won’t let you change it afterwards and it really is the first thing that people notice on an online dating site. If your’s stands out and sounds original it could even prompt someone to ask you a question about it and that’s already a step in the right direction.

Choosing your Photos

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Second, pick the right photo. I’m sure you’ve heard it about a gazillion times how important it is to have a photo on your site. But we’re saying that having a pretty standard, just-your-smiling-face type of a photo that you snapped with your smartphone while you were typing your profile description with the other hand just isn’t good enough. Unless you’re Robert Pattinson. Or Beyonce. Or taking a webcam shot of you wearing a stylish dress or suit can look out of place too. Otherwise put in some more effort. And we don’t mean hiring a professional make-up artist and a photographer – no, you most probably already have the perfect photo. Think about it – there must be a picture that you like about yourself. It could have been snapped in a situation where you were happy, either having a great night out with friends (mind you, not a drunken night!) or doing something that you truly love – be it hiking on a mountain top or taking a stroll in the botanics. Happy looking people are the most lovable people and it shows on a photo as well. Also, if you look natural and not posed, it says a whole lot more about you – what you’re like as a person. It will make you look more approachable, friendlier, more open and warm.

Writing your Dating Profile Description


Third part – and the most crucial one – is the profile description itself. There are different types of dating sites: some require you to write a lot, others do the hard work for you. But on all sites there’s at least some kind of writing that you need to do yourself. We know this isn’t always easy but generally there are five golden rules to follow when writing a description on a profile page.

1) Be natural, be yourself. Don’t try and crack jokes if it’s not your style. It won’t work, it will just make you look awkward or creepy. Write in the same way that you would use if you had a private journal and didn’t feel like you had to show off.

2) When describing yourself, think about the characteristics that make you so uniquely… well, YOU. You’re unlike anyone else, right? Then say it, bring out those sides in you that make you different. Think about it – there must be something that you’re really good at. Something you love to do, something you know, something that would make other people smile.

3) When you list the things you like or dislike, use your imagination. There’s no point saying that you like hanging out with friends, reading a good book, listening to music. Or that you dislike b/o. I mean, do you know anyone who doesn’t?! List those things that would make people wonder, or marvel or maybe even get slightly irritated. Say you dislike dogs. Say you love wet snow. Be honest, be original.

4) When describing what you look for in a partner, don’t just state the obvious. We all want honesty and respect and someone who we can trust. Think what it is that really matters to you, more than anything else. If it is honesty, fine, make a point of it. Maybe write a few sentences about why you consider it so important – without going into too many personal details. Don’t be shy to ask for what you really want. Most people write that they are cool with anyone as long as that person is truthful and kind. But come on, that isn’t actually true, is it? If it comes down to that, there is always something that we consider really important in a partner, something that for us would be a dealbreaker. You’d better be honest, even if it makes you look slightly shallow. It could save you from wasting your own and someone else’s time.

5) Be to the point. It doesn’t pay to be too brief. Let’s face it: one bshort paragraph just isn’t enough to describe who you are and what you’re looking for. At the same time, we strongly advise against rambling on and on. It’s the internet era. People’s attention span is short. Grab their attention, hook them with your description, leave a bit of mystery in the air – and before you know it, they’re wondering about you. And then they want to know more.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to creating a good dating profiles. There’s no excuse why you can’t have a successful and an original profile page. Just remember, the most you can do is be yourself. And you’re not boring, right? You’re not someone to forget? Then there’s absolutely no reason why your profile should be.

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