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LoopyLove Review

LoopyLove Review Aet Suvari

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Summary: It's a Cupid owned site so isn't exactly on our most trusted list. There's much better sites elsewhere.


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With some dubious profiles and fake looking messages LoopyLove isn’t the ‘fun, laidback and sociable affair’ it promotes itself to be. Find out our experience in our LoopyLove review…

Loopylove’s name holds the promise of something fun, something slightly crazy, different and more exciting than dozens of other dating sites out there. Unfortunately this isn’t quite the case. While Loopylove definitely holds some promise, it’s almost identical to so many other websites run by the company who owns it, Cupid plc. In fact, that might be the problem of Loopylove because it has fallen victim to the same issues hampering other Cupid owned sites: messages sent by seemingly active users of the site, which you can read only after you’ve paid and subscribed. The whole idea behind this is to get users to subscribe and pay up while the mysterious emailers suddenly disappear from the site.

We take a very strong view against sites that do that and have pointed it out to Cupid several times. They haven’t changed their ways. When we signed up for Loopylove, we already started receiving emails when we had only just signed up and hadn’t even completed our profile or uploaded a photo yet. As if this ever happened in the real world of online dating! We’ve been using online dating sites for over ten years so we know one or two things about the dodgy practices used on certain sites. Cupid has been criticised for it in the past but nothing seems to have changed much. Therefore we cannot encourage you to subscribe to the site.

Also be prepared to be surrounded by revealing adverts for Cupid’s flirty sites such as Be Naughty and Click and Flirt. However, if you want to look around the site and simply sign up as a free user, Loopylove does have some redeeming features.

LoopyLove Profile

Writing your Loopylove profile is easy. There’s not a lot that you have to think about or write yourself. If you’re not that good with words and jokes or just get writers’ block whenever you need to fill in questionnaires – no need to worry. With handy drop down menus it’s easy to look/sound relatively amusing without bursting a brain cell . You won’t find a long and winding questionnaire full of personal questions nor do you have to worry about a psychological profile or compatibility testing that you get on some other sites – after all, who said online dating has to be such a deadly serious business?

You have to put down a tagline that appears with your picture in the search and write down a small description of yourself – everything else is pretty much done and dusted for you, so there’s no hassle signing up. At the same time, we have to say that we browsed around on the pages and it doesn’t look like a lot of people who have signed up here have put in a good effort to making their profiles stand out. Most don’t even bother to fill in the most basic details, so it makes us wonder what exactly are they doing on this site in the first place? Doesn’t look like they are seriously trying to get a date!

Searching on and ‘lovebombs’

Searching is simple and quick with some of your choices already saved. Easy enough to change it if you feel the need to. It also shows you all the members who are currently online or who have recently joined. You can even search by those who are currently using one of Loopylove’s chatrooms, which we’ll get to later.

The results can be sorted by most desirable (although it’s not clear what the criteria are that they are basing that decision on), last visit, distance and age. All users can also use something that they call Loopy Lovebomb – which is a flirty message that is delivered to around 100 members chosen according to your default search criteria. Of course, winks are free for everyone and subscribers can also read and write emails and/or chat with the users online.

Extras & Handy Loopy Love Features

You can add your video to your profile in addition to the photo, which is pretty cool if you don’t trust photos… after all, it’s easy enough to look gorgeous on a photo (especially with a little help of Photoshop), but if you want to make sure your date will really look like that when she/he shows up on your date, it’s good to ask for a little video preview.

One feature on Loopylove that isn’t very common on most dating sites is their live chatrooms. There are several categories – from easy chatting to sex and love theme… but in order to chat there you have to subscribe. From what we saw, the chatrooms aren’t overly popular, most of them have a handful of users only and the chats are generally pretty mundane.

They also have a mobile version that you can subscribe to straight from the mobile. There you can sign up to their messaging service, which allows you to access all your Loopylove messages straight from your phone, you can also reply to messages from your phone, but it’s not cheap – 20 messages costs a fiver, which is in addition to your Loopylove subscription costs and mobile operator changes.

Free vs Paid site

Non members can create their profile, search for other members and send ‘winks’ – that’s about it. Like most other paid member sites, it won’t let you actually contact anyone before you’ve paid for the subscription. Once that’s out of the way you can email and chat. But like we said before, it doesn’t actually seem to be such a popular and lively site. They do have a three-day trial for £2.97 available but we strongly recommend you try it for free first, then maybe the trial after that before you really decide to sign up for a longer period. But be careful, they will automatically convert to a monthly package of £24.99 after the trial dates, so if you forget to cancel the subscription before that, you’re in for a month.

LoopyLove Review: Pros and Cons

Good - LoopyLove Review The three day trial for £2.97 and quite a few extra features.
Bad - LoopyLove Review The dubious emails, fake profiles and meagre search results.

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