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Love and Friends Review

Love and Friends Review Aet Suvari

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Summary: More than just a dating site, you could make genuine friends here as well as finding a good match. Deserves to be more popular.

3.7 takes pride in providing an online dating site for thinking people. A very thorough compatibility testing system gives you a decent chance of being matched with someone well suited for you. Find out more in our Love and Friends review…

When we last reviewed Love and Friends a while back it was a site where you didn’t necessarily have to be looking for a romantic relationship. Although they freely admitted most of its members were single and looking for love, there were people there genuinely looking to make new friends – as its name suggested: love AND friends.

Well, it seems that’s no longer so much the case as it’s become more of a purely dating site, marketed as a ‘dating for thinking people’. Turns out the site has been around for quite a while – founded in 1999, back in the days online dating was the domain of the tech-savvy and the brave. Looking around you can sort of get the vibe of a small company founded by a couple of friends. It’s evolved into quite a successful dating site that can’t perhaps be compared to the more corporate-like well-oiled dating-site-come-machineries like or Eharmony, but Loveandfriends has been developed and pampered with care and love – and we haven’t failed to notice the effort those guys have put into it.

This site takes pride in being the dating site for young thinking professionals and since they’ve had more than 250,000 members in the UK and Ireland, it’s an encouraging fact that there are so many intelligent thinking people out there just waiting to be found. Creating a profile on this site takes a little more effort and therefore comes out as quite deep and thorough, keeping away people who are perhaps looking for a one-night stand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s what you’re after there’s just better sites for it! It’s just annoying when you’re looking for a long term relationship and have to sift through dozens of profiles of fellow daters just looking for a fling.

By joining up you need to create your profile and when I say it’s extensive and takes a bit of time then I mean – it IS extensive and takes a bit of time. They have a compatibility matching test with over a hundred questions covering everything from attributes to attitude and activities to your relationship preferences.

It’s not overly complicated and messy though so even if you don’t believe in the whole compatibility testing stuff, this is still worth your while as it can be seen just as something fun to fill out.

The Love and Friends Search

The search on this site is very particular and detailed – but only for paid members. While all the members are able to use the basic search, the full membership gives you a whole array of different options to look for a date – be it a perfect match, a keyword or some particular details that you’re keen to find.

Even a basic search is good though as it gives you loads of options to choose from. However, unfortunately there is one but and this has to do with the number of dates available when you perform your search.

If you’re based in London or some other huge city, you should be fine finding a few good dates who’re based near you. However, the more remote places have less options available – even Edinburgh where we’re based doesn’t come back with an extensive list of dates. At the same time, the people on Love and Friends are more likely to be, well, like-minded. No timewasters or scammers here, at least we haven’t yet stumbled upon any.

Membership and Profiles

A good thing about is that it is really clear and particular about what it offers. Even before you sign up, you get a very clear idea about who is this site for, how much it costs and what you get for that money – or indeed, what you get for no money, if you decide to go for the free membership.

Even free members can send short messages, so some means of communication is always free for members and the site owners claim they have no plans to change that policy. There are a few little things you need to do in order to be able to send free messages but it is a fact that you can get a quota of free emails – plus reading mails from and getting back to paid members who have contacted you is always free. For paid members there’s also a nifty option of read receipts – because we all hate it when we don’t know whether our message has been read or not.

We truly value the clarity and honesty LoveandFriends offers before you sign up. Everything is explained really well, organised, easy to find, which makes this site very user-friendly. However, DO take time for creating your profile, it can take quite a bit of time, but it is quite amusing to do as well as to read. The compatibility scores system seem genuinely well worked out – and even if it won’t guarantee you a perfect match, you might find someone just right for you.

Extras & Handy Features

Not a lot of extras are on offer but as far as dating sites go these days, it does give you all the basic things you need – mails, winks, icebreakers, favourite lists, option of blocking etc. There’s no chat option, mobile app or video call, although they do have an extensive forum, noticeboard, trivia section as well as a debating chamber that users seem to use quite often to bring up any kinds of topics – not just dating stuff. You can discuss pretty much any topic here from Maggie Thatcher to hosepipe bans.

Love and Friends Review - subscription prices

Free vs Paid site

Let me say it one more time loud and clear – differs from any other paid dating site out there by letting the free users to send a limited number of short messages.

This means you don’t have to dig deep into the bottom of your pockets in order to use this safe and fun dating environment. And after using this as a free member for some time, who knows – maybe you will want to actually sign up too, seeing as their prices are a lot more affordable than those of some bigger sites. Free users can also do a simple search based on basic criteria – such as location and age for example and upload op to five photos on their profile.

Paid users can send unlimited long emails, find out whether their messages have been read, send e-cards and take full use of the compatibility and matching feature. You will also get a detailed search option, plus you will also receive feedback to see how you compare to what other people are looking for and have the option of browsing in incognito mode should you wish to do that.

Love and Friends review: Overall Pros and Cons

Love and Friends Review tick Even free users can send some short messages, so some means of communication is available to all.

Love and Friends Review cross As a small independent site they don’t have hundreds of thousands of users, so finding a match outside big cities is a little bit harder.

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And so ends our Love and Friends review, thanks for stopping by and if you’d like to stay around our other dating reviews are listed below.

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