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Today’s post comes from’s Managing Director, Brett Harding. We’re impressed with what we’ve seen of so far and look forward to some exciting new developments in the pipeline. Read on for Brett’s overview…

Brett Harding - Managing DirectorWhat inspired me?
In one word? Singledom. Picture this: it’s 2006. I was single, bored of bars and decided to try internet dating. I discovered pretty quickly that the massive sites were like global used car yards of single people. The Members seemed totally different to me, and the sites were depressing, impersonal and lacked any real humour or personality. And when I actually went on a date, I realised I didn’t fancy her pretty quickly and three gruelling hours lay ahead.

At about the same time, I was consulting in Canary Wharf. I couldn’t help but notice the hundreds of professional, attractive Londoners rushing to and from the work place just passing each other by. That’s when I had my Lovestruck Epiphany(TM)…I realised that the solution was a dating site that would introduce people like me. Like-minded singletons, who worked near each other, to each other, for short dates.

A site with attitude. A site with verve and pizzazz. One that had a search facility based on the nearest tube station to where you work. And it was perfect to test my dating in London concept on; just think of the 300,000 in the Square Mile, the 110,000 in Canary Wharf. They could test the chemistry for coffee, lunch, after work or – hell – during work!

My vision of where dating is heading
Of course, mobile will play a huge part in the evolving dating landscape, and location-based dating will come to the fore. I believe that, with front-facing cameras, the first date will be conducted via real-time video, and then the daters decide whether the chemistry is there and agree to meet up or call it a day! This is not far away, as Apple has recently issued a patent for such a device on their iPhone!

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