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Lovestruck’s dating tips for 2014

A big welcome to our new contributor to ODH – We look forward to their insights on running a UK dating site and some inside tips to enhance your online dating experience.

How was your dating life circa 2013? A wash-out? Rammed full of exciting and passionate meet-ups? Or did you never make it past the start sign? Whatever the situation, here at, we have some answers and top dating tips to make 2014 you best year yet when it comes to matters of the heart.

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When to date? While 67 per cent of our members prefer an evening date, these can be a huge financial and time sacrifice. Besides, who wants to sit with someone they clearly have no connection with, when that box set of Breaking Bad is begging to be watched? We recommend a lunch date – the perfect way to see if there’s a spark and save you time and money to boot.

Who pays? Whoever said chivalry was dead? According to our research, while 19 per cent of women suggest going Dutch on a first date, the vast majority still expect the man to pick up the tab. And for the guys out there, don’t expect the first date to be cheap; 40 per cent of those polled spend £30 on a first date and £50 on a second date. Wowsers! Champagne? Go on then!

Is there chemistry? You may expect to know instantly whether your date is someone you want to jump between with the sheets with but that’s not the case according to our study, so sit tight. 50 per cent of respondents said they could tell if there was chemistry within 10 minutes, while 75 per cent to could tell within 30 minutes. And you know the lynx advert when all the angels fell from the sky? They might have a point. These things help: Good personal hygiene (93 per cent ranked this as important), followed by good sense of humour (85 per cent) and good manners (81 per cent). Time to beat your flatmates to the bathroom!

What are deal-breakers? Ever fancied someone until they opened their mouth and you caught a hint of last night’s garlic breath? 90 per cent of people cited bad breath as non-negotiable, rudeness scored 93 per cent, body odour 92 per cent, nose picking 86 per cent, and put that phone away – 75 per cent said that phone checking was unacceptable. If you hate the dance floor don’t fret, 7 per cent of daters are willing to forgive this, along with bill-splitting (21 per cent) and lack of confidence (34 per cent). The moral of the tale: Turn up with fresh breath, be polite and check Facebook later!

When do you sleep with a date? The stats say it all – if you like each other wait until the third date when 62 per cent of those polled said they would dive between the sheets. However, many don’t see the point in waiting and 36 per cent say they would happily sleep with someone they fancy on a first date.

How do you dump someone? Well; according to our survey 33 per cent of people used text, 14 per cent went for the cold shoulder, while 32 per cent went for the best option: explaining face-to-face. However, whatever the method you choose, always be respectful and make it as painless as possible. See? Easy!

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