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Last updated on February 13, 2014 | by Aet Suvari


How much does Cost in 2011?

Update: Here’s the subscription prices updated for June 2013.

1 month Match membership – £29.99
3 month Match membership – £59.97
6 month Match membership – £89.94 (with 6 months free)*

*The 6 month subscription comes with’s ‘Make Love Happen’ guarantee. Just complete your profile and initiate communication with at least five members a month to automatically qualify for the extra 6 months. Works out at just under £7.50 a month this way so it’s great value compared to the monthly plan – we tried it after our 6 months expired and it worked no problem.

Match.comShouldn’t Online Dating Sites be Free?
In an ideal world all the best dating sites would be free but after several years of trying both varieties we’ve had to conclude that the best of the paid online dating sites offer a much better experience than the best of the free dating sites.

We’ve found the best online dating sites (see our online dating site reviews page for our top picks) are the ones where people are genuinely looking to meet someone they might connect with. Maybe it’s because the paid sites demand a financial investment that people then invest more of themselves into their profiles, pictures and descriptions. Conversely the profiles on the free sites tend to have a much higher percentage of incomplete profiles with less of a focus on finding a serious relationship.

After trying out dozens of dating sites over the years consistently comes up top in our Dating Reviews and we’re not surprised it’s still the most popular dating site in the UK. Popularity is one of’s biggest strengths – if there’s lots of local single people to choose from then you’ll have a much better chance of finding a great match. The monthly subscription costs also allow for better screening of fake profiles, badly written descriptions and poor profile pictures. We much prefer the overall experience of using to the free dating sites because it’s so well organised and put together. See what you think by trying our below.

To read our complete Review for more info.

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