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A dating site that expects you to get a little muddy

It’s quite amazing when you start thinking about the amount of dating sites and all the different niches they cover. We recently discovered a new great site meant for ‘country-minded’ people.

By that they don’t mean the music style, they mean people who love the great outdoors, the good old English countryside, the green pastures, forests, views, Heilan’ Coos… you name it.

They mean everything muddy, as this is what the called: Muddy Matches.

At first I thought – do we really need another dating site, even if it is specifically targeted? Is there a gap in the market or are the bigger sites like Match or eHarmony covering all these needs already? Well, partly they are. I have always advocated the opinion that users are better off on big sites since they get better traffic and thus have a bigger chance of actually meeting someone compatible near them.

However, in this particular case I might have to go back on my words. The whole idea of Muddy Matches is to bring together people who maybe don’t have that many people living nearby them at all. The awe and lure of the countryside – and living there, as I imagine many of the Muddy Matches users are – is in the fact that you’re further away from big cities and perhaps even from smaller towns. With Muddy Matches you’d never have to explain that specifically to anyone as it would be sort of obvious and you wouldn’t have to worry about putting other users off with your remote whereabouts.

At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about one farmer looking for another on this site. Like they say, it’s open for everyone who loves a bit of countryside – even if only for a Sunday outing or a little walk with your dog.

What is also absolutely great, is their listing of different events on their Country Calendar where you can see all the upcoming dairy shows, wood fairs, ploughing championships and even the apparently oh-so-popular Mud Lover Ball!

It’s a lovely site, even if it is a little bit under-designed. We love the idea and welcome the new addition to UK dating sites with open arms here in the ODH office. With autumn sneaking up fast on us, there’s nothing better than taking your date to a ploughing championships.

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