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MySingleFriend Review

MySingleFriend Review Aet Suvari

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Summary: A fresh approach to online dating where it's in your friends hands to say how great (or not) you really are!


Sarah Beeny’s dating venture lets the people who know you best describe your virtues and vices in a fun twist on online dating sites. Find out how the site works in our
MySingleFriend Review…

A very original dating site which stands out from the competition by involving your friends in the process of finding a new date for you. Now, I understand that it might sound a bit weird in the beginning – you’d rather do your own dating, right? But come to think of it, there are advantages to friends lending a helping hand. After all, you too would trust other daters who have friends backing up their claims of being handsome and fabulous (or well, at least normal!) than some mysterious Mr or Miss X who might turn out to be entirely something else than what you expected?

What’s even better, you don’t even have to whip up your own profile and fork out the money. Your friends can do that for you – of course, it won’t happen without your consent, but it sounds like a good idea for a surprise present to someone in your life who you think deserves better than sitting home alone on a Friday night.

Be the matchmaker for your single friends

A great feature on mysinglefriend is ‘matchmaking’, where the friend that creates your profile for the site, can choose suitable candidates for your date and place them in your folder for you to check them out. After all, we don’t always know what’s best for us ourselves. But friends, that know us well, might instinctively highlight a potential great match we might otherwise pass over. And even if you do have some friends with a naughty streak in their sense of humour, fret not for no one can add anything to or delete anything from your profile without your consent. All your suitable matches are sitting nicely in the special “recommendations” folder where you can check them out whenever you wish. Plus you can obviously perform your own search too, but we’ll come back to that later.

Setting up your MySingleFriend profile

No one can join the site without having a recommending friend. However, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a kind-hearted and/or meddling mate who would sign you up, then you’re doomed to being single forever. You can join on your own as well, but you need to provide details (such as name and email address, both confidential, of course) for a friend who would then write a recommendation for you. In any case, rest assured that only you and you alone can add vital information about yourself. The profile-creating has been made much easier though as your friend will be doing a big chunk of work for you, plus it’s good fun too, to read what your friend is thinking about you and how she/he has described you.

Also, what makes Mysinglefriend really good is the way the whole site has been built up and developed minimises the amount of fake profiles and timewasters. All kinds of scammers and frauds just wouldn’t bother with the hassle of finding an accomplice! Knowing that each and every person on this site has been recommended by a friend, by someone who knows them and can vouch for their character should also give you a little peace of mind as to their intentions. It’s harder to mistrust someone who has a friend recommending them to an online dating site. Also, all the profiles go through an approval process and are monitored by MySingleFriend staff.

Searching on MySingleFriend

The search is simple and straightforward with both standard and advanced options and it’s easy to use and handy to grasp. However, in MySingleFriend you don’t have an option to ‘send a wink’ to the people you like should you be a little shy starting up a conversation. However, your friends can do the ‘matchmaking’ bit for you as well – the one who described you at your profile, can find a suitable date for you and put it in a special folder for you to approve or decline.

All the people who you’ve viewed or “liked” appear under “Who Likes Who” link on your profile, plus you can also see everyone who have viewed your profile or have marked you in their favourites. There’s a special folder for mutual likes, facilitating the search process even further.

Unfortunately one problem that Mysinglefriend seems to have is the number of matches that you are getting outside of London. We tested a few towns and cities and weren’t very happy with the results in smaller places. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and some other big cities still get good results though but if you don’t live in a metropolis we suggest you test the site before you joining as a paying member – just to make sure you’re satisfied with what they have to offer.

As for extras you don’t get too much – in fact pretty much just the ability to send emails, but with your friend doing half the job advertising you and helping you sound all cool and sexy, you may not need more…

Free vs Paid site

Free users can, like on most sites, create profiles, perform searches, choose favourites and participate in the ‘matchmaking’ process. You can see who has visited your site and read their profiles, but you cannot send or receive mails from other users. As there are no extras on the site (instant messaging, video/audio chat), that’s pretty much the only difference there is.

MySingleFriend Review: Pros and Cons

My Single Friend Review tick Original and fun idea that lets your friends create a profile for you.
My Single Friend Review cross Membership numbers not that good in smaller cities and towns.

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