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Noah’s Dogs – a website that guarantees unconditional love!

All of us dating site users are looking for one thing – love. And there is no dating site that can guarantee us that, right? Well, maybe there is. For now two London guys have come up with a genius dating site that is guaranteed to partner you with someone who will unconditionally love you. There is only one but (but there always is!): they match you up with your ideal DOG. Welcome to the wonderful world of Noah’s Dogs.

A totally unconventional and yet an ingenious idea came to those guys who are working in marketing and animal photography to promote finding a perfect puppy the same way that we find love online.

Through what is basically very much like a dating site with photos and profiles and what’s best – a compatibility test that is guaranteed to find you an ideal dog-mate. Someone to suit your needs and wishes out of those hundreds of breeds out there. Because let’s face it – ALL dogs are awesome, how are you supposed to choose that one and only breed that suits you the best?


On Noah’s Dogs every user takes a test, noting down what it is that he is mainly looking for from his or her four-legged companion – someone to join them for long walks, a child-friendly pet or a trusted and loyal guardian. We salute this idea because there are probably way too many unhappy pups out there who don’t get what they really need from their masters, only because the silly humans never thought to carefully choose the right kind of pet who would not just make THEM feel happy but would also feel happy in their house.

And what’s even better – once you choose your right type of a dog, Noah’s Dogs does an extensive check from dog shelters around the UK to find whether suitable dogs are available there for you, and you can even arrange to go and meet them before making your final decision.

Dogs are not like us, humans. If you take them in and you show them love and you give them a home – they will love you forever. They will always be loyal and they won’t exchange you for someone prettier or younger. They’re there for you. And this potential blissful relationship is literally just a few clicks away.

If only human online dating was as simple as that!


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