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Online dating advice for guys

We’ve been thinking about putting together a nuts and bolts, super practical guide for guys who’d like some pointers and advice for what women want when it comes to dating online.

Well that guide no longer needs to be written as we just came across an excellent post from Tyler Tervooren which sums up our guide better than we could have. Tyler’s a 26 year old blogger and adventurer with wisdom and wit beyond his years.

What he’s learned from his online dating adventures is sound advice for any guy wanting to get the most out of internet dating, how to write your profile, choosing pictures, messaging and meeting.

We’d especially recommend it for any guys who haven’t had much luck with online dating so far. Follow Tyler’s tips and techniques and we’re pretty sure you’ll have a far better dating experience.

So, sit back and prepare for a crash course in meeting women online and in the real world with Tyler from Advanced Riskology.

Link: 18 Women, 39 Dates, 1 Wild Ride: A Guide to Attraction on the Internet

Image by JD Hancock on Flickr, thanks.


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