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Tired of dating site pics? Change them to Ryan Gosling photos!

Are Ryan Gosling photos the answer to the online dating blues?

We’ve ranted about bad pictures on online dating sites and have given out advice on how to make your dating profiles better and how to make sure your photos really bring out the best in you. Still, all this doesn’t really help when browsing around on an online dating site and being forced to look at page after page after page of unpalatable photos.

Ryan Gosling Photos

Ryan Gosling Photos Everywhere

Fortunately there’s a solution for all the ladies (and probably some guys too) – a genius web application called

Created by an American web-designer and designed as an web extension for the Google Chrome browser will magically transform all the images on a webpage to Ryan Gosling photos. All you need to do is to download the application and at any web page click on the heart-shaped icon on the Chrome toolbar and there you go – all the photos have miraculously turned to depict Ryan Gosling.

We love the add-on – not just for mucking about on an online dating site, but also for all the advertisements on the web. Just imagine – no more fake weight-loss photos, no more smiling politicians or ayurvedic products to cure bladder infections…

Too bad it won’t actually change anyone into Ryan Gosling himself on an online dating site. However, until people start paying more attention to the photos on their profile pages, this will do just nicely.

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