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To sphere or not to sphere…

sphereing2There’s one thing that we’ve been mulling over here in the offices of and that is how to make online dating more exciting. It’s summer after all and no one wants to sit for hours behind a computer screen, doing nothing but looking at one profile after another.

What if you took a leap of faith and did something exciting? Okay, we realise that sometimes a date with a total stranger who you’ve only met on the internet IS kind of exciting but you could make it even more of a thrill for both of you…

Harness sphereingRoll down hills like romantic hamsters
We suggest you try sphereing. It’s a really fun way to get things started with a new date and we can guarantee that after you’ve rolled down a hill in a giant inflatable ball there won’t be any awkward silences between you! Even the most horrendous date will seem like a piece of cake after you’ve tried it. You’ll get a ton of excitement and can scream without looking crazy!

Aqua sphereingHead over heels in water
If you’re not into extremities at all you could try the “soft-core” version rolling down hills – aqua sphereing. We say soft-core but aqua sphereing’s still quite a rush and is a lot of wet fun, a bit like being inside of a huge washing machine. So remember to bring a change of clothing as you’re guaranteed to get pretty soaked!

Air sphereingBlowin’ in the wind
Air sphereing is another cool activity you could try to spice up your dating life, I’m sure your date probably hasn’t been invited to anything quite as exciting on a date before. Certainly beats the usual cinema-pub-restaurant, stroll in the park. Currently only available at Milton Keynes but worth a trip if you’re not close by.

Sphereing discount code
There’s currently a £10 off Sphereing discount code over on so you can save on Harness, Aqua and Air Sphereing activity gift vouchers.

Go Sphereing and Zorbing here


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