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Strangers Podcast – Love Hurts

Single for four years, Lea Thau, the former Director of The Moth, decided to find out why she wasn’t finding love again…

The Strangers podcast is one of our favourite things to listen to just now. The four episodes below illustrate what makes the podcast so special – namely the honesty, courage and heart of the show’s talented story telling creator Lea Thau.

They also offer up a compelling window into the real life thrills and struggles of online dating – and why it can be so brilliant and frustrating. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Love Hurts

Lea goes back to interview some of the people who didn’t want to date her in recent years and asks them why they think they didn’t connect. Yep, she goes there. The answers she receives are not only surprising but are a timely reminder not to take rejection so personally.

Love Hurts 2

Lea goes back to interview another guy who turned her down after only going on one date. She felt they had a pretty good connection but then never heard form him again. Ever happened to you? Welll, here’s a chance to hear what was happening from the other side of the dating fence.

Love Hurts 3

Lea decides to get some professional dating advice and gets two very different approaches from pretty much opposite ends of the dating world. First up is dating coach Lauren Frances before meeting the author Sara Eckel, writer of It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single.

Love Hurts 4

The tables are turned in this final installment of the Love Hurts series as Lea faces up to a guy she turned down. Told you she was courageous!

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