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Virtual dating game

One of the weirdest and funniest concepts we’ve recently heard of in connection with online dating, is a new computer game which is based on stealing other people’s virtual girlfriends. All kind of Build-Your-Own-City, Run-Your-Own-Farm, Maintain-Your-Own-Mafia have always seemed kind of weird – as if there’s not enough stress in real life! But this takes strategy games to a whole new level.

The Japanese game is called Netowaku Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo and apparently it means something along the lines of “Network Cuckold, Boy-Anticipating Girlfriends” – not that this translation makes a whole lot more sense. It is a virtual online dating game where players design and create their very own virtual girlfriends. The idea is to try and pursue other people’s virtual girlfriends and try to steal them. We’ve never played the game ourselves but by the sound of it things can get downright crazy in that virtual dating room where players would go into great lengths in trying to seduce someone else’s girl as well as keeping tabs on their own virtual girlfriends.

Does it sound mad? Well, yes. A little absurd? Absolutely! But don’t fault us for thinking that it also sounds original, funny and pretty darn inventive. If there’s nothing wrong with spending hours with your PS, surely a game like this can’t really do any real harm. It might even teach men how to appreciate their girlfriends in real life. I only wish there was a similar game with virtual boyfriends for the ladies!

Read more about the game here

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