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Would you wear a single’s ring?

ringsSometimes I wonder how single people actually managed to meet eligible singles 30 years ago. How did they get to know which singles lived nearby without the internet, how did they know how to flirt without e-mail or mobile phones. And now I’m starting to question – how did they pluck up the courage to speak to someone they liked in a bar/park/street corner/bus station/train etc. But the big question is – how did people find a partner in the days when no one wore anything that marked them clearly as ‘singles’? Is it somewhat of a miracle that we exist in the first place before the invention of single’s rings?

Singles RingBurning Ring of Desire
Sarcasm aside, it’s hard to consider this as a ground breaking idea or the best business plan imaginable – yet, some entrepreneurs evidently think differently and have come up with an accessory for singles to buy that indicate their dating status. For example, the US based website Ringleo sells singles dating rings. You get a simple ring with a letter ‘S’ printed on it in different colours (not unlike the Simple Simon electronic game of old).

So why the ‘S’ and the various colours? Well, the ‘S’ clearly shows your relationship status ‘single’, the colours (blue, green, orange and red) indicate what type of relationship you’re looking for. If you’re in for something serious, turn the blue colour up, if it’s just a quickie you’re after, choose orange. And so on. Once you see someone with the ring, it will make it so much easier for you to start up a conversation, and should you care to purchase your own singles dating ring, you’ll soon be beating the admirers off with a stick too. All this for lowly $80.

When I told one of my friends about the ring, he prompted: ‘This looks like such a no chance idea, pay $80 for a ring that says your single and maybe a bit desperate too!’


Yes, that’s what I thought. Initially. Then I did some more research and found that the same idea has attracted other blooming business brains around the world. In Australia there’s a guy who will send you a “I Am Single” badge if you sign up to his Yes I’m Single Website and fork out 23 Australian dollars for a shiny blue badge proclaiming your singleton status.

So, you know, maybe I’m the fool here, failing to see the amazing opportunities these singles identifying ventures entails both in the world of business and romance? Or maybe I’m not. The outcome remains to be seen, but I’m keeping my credit card in my purse and my ring finger unadorned for now.

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