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Would Like to Meet – A Dating Site Putting Safety First

We take a peek at a dating site that’s upping the ante in online dating safety and enhanced verification processes…

Personal Safety is Paramount

If you look at all the articles that have been written about online dating it’s clear how big a deal personal safety is in today’s climate. The internet with its apparent anonymity is the perfect honeypot for scammers, fraudsters and spambots, and unfortunately it’s us, mere mortals, who often fall victims to their shenanigans. It could be anything from dates showing up looking nothing like their profile pics to more sinister cases of financial fraud and even sexual crimes.

Although we tirelessly keep repeating in all of our reviews and blog-posts that users have to stand up for their safety, use some common sense and look out for themselves, it’s clear that sometimes you just drop your guard – after all, you can’t always be mistrustful, especially in matters of love.

Which is why we greatly appreciate when sites do their bit to help and work hard to keep shady people out. One particularly good example of this is an independent dating site named Would Like to Meet. As they describe themselves on their site: they focus on quality genuine people, offering transparency and ensuring every member on their site is real.

That’s right. Each and every member. So, how do they do that? Well, with a bit of hard work and dedication, as they actually go through every photo on every profile to make sure it is real and recent. In order to do that, they ask all the members to record a small video clip of themselves, which they then compare to the photos in order to make sure the person signing up really looks like how (s)he does on the photos.


Oh, and there’s no need to worry if you never look good on video – that will not be posted or shared with anyone, they use it strictly for verification purposes only. Even if you feel a little doubtful about the whole process – just think how much more reliable and trustworthy all the other members seem to you on the site if you know they have really been through the verification process themselves and can’t hide under a false identity!

Will that protect you completely from falling victim to a scam? No. But it will lower the chances significantly.

Would Like To Meet’s efforts in making the UK dating scene a safer place were also noticed at the 2014 UK Dating Awards ceremony where the site received a Highly Commended placing in the Safer Dating category and also earned a place amongst the shortlist od Newcomer Apps of the Year.

Would Like To Meet is a refreshingly different dating site offering some other useful and unique features. One of them is a “post-date feedback” feature, which gives every user the (optional) opportunity to rate their date after they’ve met up in person. Again, this will not be shared with all the other members, only the site admins get to read that but if you should ever have any concerns or worries, it’s certainly a safe place to turn to. The site also has their very own date-planner system, which makes it easier to hook up in real life too.

Like other smaller independent sites, Would Like to Meet too takes a personal approach when it comes to matching you up. While it can’t match the number of members that big corporate dating sites have, it has a much closer relationship with their customers – so if that’s your thing, you’re definitely in good company!


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