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We’re a two person team (male and female) who first met through an online dating site over ten years ago when dinosaurs still roamed the internet. So we reckon we know a thing or two about what makes a dating site work well and what can make them infuriating. We’ve personally experienced the benefits and rewards of dating online while enduring the inevitable frustrations and pitfalls too.

In an industry worth over £2bn a year worldwide there are sites that have invested heavily in creating a great user experience while others employ every trick in the book to get your money. Our job is to attempt to sift the good from the bad and become a helpful and trustworthy guide to the online dating world.

You don’t have to spend long looking at dating site reviews to see glowing reports of worse than average sites and thinly disguised attempts to get you to click on an affiliate link. It can be difficult to sort out the genuine, quality sites when you’re surrounded by everyone shouting how great their site is.

There’s plenty of sites we don’t review because we don’t like they way they’re run. Fake profiles of beautiful people that bombard you with messages before you’ve even uploaded a picture, messages you can’t read until you’ve signed up for a subscription. It’s cynical and manipulative so we don’t go near them.

We’ve signed up to dating site affiliate programmes where possible as they allow us to keep our site running and pay the bills but our policy is to give our honest opinion of each site we use based on our own experience, both good and bad. You won’t pay a penny more for joining the sites and we’ll let you know of any discount codes or offers too. We also make transparent each site’s subscription costs (which aren’t always easy to find before you sign up) to help you decide where you can get the best value dating experience for you.

So we hope you find the site useful and that it helps you find your way around the online dating jungle, good luck and be careful out there 🙂

Our company is called MoMA Limited and we’re based in Edinburgh. If you’re wondering how to get in touch with us – contact us here.

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