How much does cost in 2017?

You asked how much does cost so here’s the simple answer to the latest match subscription prices…

Current subscription prices (basic package):

  1. 1 month – £29.99
  2. 3 months – £59.97 (£19.99 a month) 33% off
  3. 6 months – £59.94 (£9.99 a month) 67% off

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Is it worth paying for

We’ve been using online dating sites for over 10 years and can tell you there’s some really awful sites out there. They’re just after you’re money and will use any trick in the book to get it.

Thankfully isn’t one of them.

In fact it’s the site we’ve both had the most success on and is the first port of call we recommend to friends and family looking to start online dating.

Why? Here’s some of our personal reasons…

  • Numbers. It’s the most popular dating site in the UK. So you’ve got the best possible chance of finding a potential match in your area.
  • Reliability. Because members have paid to join they’re usually more invested in finding a relationship than people on free dating sites.
  • Value. It’s only £9.99 a month with a 6 month subscription which isn’t too bad for what you get, especially now subscriptions are valid to use on their iPhone & Android apps too.
  • Quality control. There’s way less time wasters, fake profiles and scammers than you’ll find on the most popular free sites. Trust us, we’ve tried them!
  • Trustability. are transparent about all charges up front unlike some other less reputable dating sites.
  • Try it free. Before you spend any money try the site out first to see how many people are in your area.
  • Leave easily. It’s easy to leave whenever you decide to. Read our handy guide How to cancel your membership for further details.

But our biggest endorsement is that we’ve met some really great people on and have found it the easiest way to meet up with genuine people looking for a long term relationship.

What you get for your money

Now you’re no longer wondering how much costs it’s time to show you what you get for your hard earned cash.

In fact we’ve taken a screenshot from the sign up page showing current prices and what you get with your membership. uk prices 2017

As you can see it pays to pay!

A dating site isn’t much use unless you can send and respond to other people’s messages so a full membership is a must have if you see someone you’d like to start a conversation with.

We do encourage everyone to sign up for free first though. You’ve nothing to lose and you can still get a good feel for whether there’s enough people close to where you live.

67% Off Special Offer

The stand out membership offer is the 6 months for £9.99 a month deal which saves you a massive 67% off the usual subscription price.

Think 6 months is way longer than you’ll need on a dating site?

Well it might be but form personal experience it usually takes a few dates before you meet someone you’re interested in pursuing further.

It’s nice to not have to rush things and take your time in choosing a partner without worrying that your one month subscription’s going to run out any day.

We’ve done the opposite too often to mention – buying a one month subscription thinking we’re saving money only to need another month then another (at the full price) when we could have saved a small fortune had we just signed up to the longer subscription at the start!

Whatever subscription you choose to sign up to we hope you find as helpful as it’s been for us in finding someone you hit it off with.

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