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Use our dating guide to navigate your way through the online dating jungle successfully and safely.

Dating is not really as daunting as we sometimes tend to make it sound. If you look at the pure facts it just comes down to two people meeting up to see if they might be interested in each other. If they are, great – let’s take it from there and see what happens next. If they’re not, no harm done – with all those billions of people out there, this is hardly your last chance. Don’t let a few unsuccessful dates discourage you.

After all, you wouldn’t be hurt if you wre looking for a new flat but when viewing one suddenly realised that it was not quite right for you? It wouldn’t necessarily give a blow to your self-esteem if the jeans you try on at a shop didn’t quite suit you. Granted, finding a true match is not the same thing but ultimately it follows the same set of rules: if you don’t want to be matched with someone wrong, you got to keep a cool head and steady mind, take no offence and make sure that what you get is really what you bargained for.

As far as dating goes there are some definite don’ts that you should always follow:

1. I know all the dating sites say this ALL the time, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat: never give out your home address or phone number to anyone unless you’re sure you can trust them.

2. Another thing you probably already know: don’t meet up with unknown online dates in your own house or their’s. I know it sounds trivial and like something you’ve heard for a gazillion times, but make sure you meet in a public place.

3. Be on the lookout for online dating scams especially if money is ever brought up.

That’s all the main don’ts there are when it comes to dating. Other than those two, which are connected to very basic issues of safety, it’s pretty hard to put down a clear set of rules. Don’t bombard someone with emails or text messages sounds like a sensible suggestion, but yet there are people who send AND get ten thousand texts every month, consider it normal and even enjoy it.

The same applies to pretty much everything out there in the world of online dating – while it could definitely put off someone, it could also at the same time attract someone else. Just make sure you play your cards right and attract the right people – i.e. if you like writing loads of emails, make sure you find someone online who enjoys getting them!

However, if you would like to get more specific advice on dating dos and dont’s then I suggest you read up the tips from the dating websites: nearly all of them have put together very thorough advice pages:

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