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UK Dating Site Prices 2020

A lot of people come to Online Dating Help mainly looking for an answer to one simple question: how much does it cost to sign up to a dating site?

There used to be a time when all online dating was free. Soon enough a lot of sites realised that maintaining a good service has costs and many free sites became paid sites. And then dating sites saw that there were profits to be made – and all sorts of paid sites popped up like mushrooms after a rainfall. However, now things have come full circle once again. Free sites are suddenly gaining momentum – just look at Tinder! However, swiping right and left isn’t everybody’s cup of tea for finding the best date and there will always be people who want to try the more traditional versions of online dating. However, they also want to have a clear idea about the prices that dating sites offer, which is something they often can’t find out from the dating sites before they actually sign up. So, here we are, extending our helping hand. Even though we have the prices outlined in all of our reviews, I thought that the visitors to the site could benefit from a post that just shows what the current UK dating site prices 2020 are. You might find they’re not as expensive as you thought – especially if you’re willing to sign up for 6 months. So, here goes (in alphabetical order):



Rating: 58%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

cupid - dating site prices 2020

Rating: 68%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Dating For Parents


Rating: 56%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



Rating: 78%  |  Read review


easyflirt - dating site prices 2020

Rating: 34%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



Rating: 86%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

FirstMet (formerly AYI)


Rating: 50%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Friends Reunited Dating


Rating: 46%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Girls Date for Free


Prices above for men, women get to use the site for free.

Rating: 56%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Guardian Soulmates


Rating: 72%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



Rating: 70%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Love & Friends

loveandfriends - dating site prices 2020

Rating: 76%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



Rating: 76%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



Rating: 90%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



Rating: 76%  |  Read review  |  Visit website


mysinglefriend price 2020

Rating: 80%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Oasis Dating


Oasis Dating is a free site but subscription upgrades gives wider options for use.

Rating: 80%  |  Read review  |  Visit website



OKCupid is a free site but subscription upgrades give you wider options for use.

Rating: 74%  |  Read review  |  Visit website


Rating: 64%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Plenty Of Fish

POF is a free site but subscription upgrades give you wider options for use.

Rating: 58%  |  Read review  |  Visit website


Rating: 46%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Uniform Dating

Rating: 66%  |  Read review  |  Visit website


Rating: 74%  |  Read review  |  Visit website

Also check out our comparison table of the prices of the best sites. Remember – all these sites are essentially free to sign up and browse. We recommend that whichever site you choose, spend a little time looking around, searching and browsing before signing up. Most of the paid sites (and indeed, some of the free sites) offer a good service but you might want to get a feel of the site first, just to see whether it’s meant for you. Also, remember that even though most sites take precaution of keeping the scammers out, there might always be a few of them lurking around. No site is fraudster-free, although obviously the higher the sign-up fees, the less there are people who only sign up to waste your time. Hope you’ll have an enjoyable dating experience, whichever site you choose!

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