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Aniston: online dating freaks me out!

Did any of you hear about that Marie Claire interview with the cast of the new movie, He’s Just Not That Into You? You know what I’m talking about, the one where Jennifer Aniston claims the Internet freaks her out and how it warps reality – especially in the context of online dating!

And then Drew Barrymore cuts in and adds insult to the injury. She thinks people never tell truth in their online dating profiles. Let me just quote her here: ‘Every guy is 6’4” with a huge schlong. That’s why people love it so much.’

Now, I actually like Jennifer Aniston (for me she is still Rachel from Friends) and I’ve got absolutely nothing against Barrymore either but what’s all that nonsense supposed to mean? Clearly neither of them has been on an online dating webpage in the last few years – and in Aniston’s case probably never, because (yes, you guessed it) the Internet ‘freaks her out’. How many of the profiles of the guys have you seen lately that boast gigantic measurements? And how many dating site users do you know who love these sites because they never tell the truth?

It sounds to me more likely that these two have been in Hollywood for so long that they have forgotten that there are people out there who genuinely get lonely, feel flirty, want to make friends, meet people. Aren’t these the real reasons why we go to online dating sites? Because we are looking for something genuine out there, not something false?

Personally, I think that Barrymore and Aniston would only benefit from a healthy dose of online flirting. It would show them how many great cool people are out there – people they would never meet if it wasn’t for the Internet. And that there is nothing more to freak them out than in any other sphere of life.

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