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Are You a Builder, Negotiator or Explorer?

Builder, Explorer, NegotiaterFor a more comprehensive explanation of each of the dating personality types read our full article on Builder, Explorer, Negotiator and Explorers

Here’s a question to all of you online-daters out there. What are you looking for in a match in order to turn him/her to a potential date? I guess you’d want your character traits to match – all of those beliefs and values? Or at least you want him/her to be physically attractive to you?

Well, it turns out this is where you might be making a mistake. According to a new study by a famous American biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, you’d do better if you gravitated towards people who match your temperament. She has broken the humankind into four types of temperament and basically it all comes down to chemistry. The chemical systems in the brain are apparently related to certain aspects of personality and thus a successful match has everything to do with that.

So there are the Explorers, the Builders, the Directors and the Negotiatiors and according to the study, Explorers gravitate towards Explorers, Builders towards Builders and Directors and Negotiators are drawn to each other.

And now we come to an interesting part – since it’s all about chemistry, it is possible to determine someone’s temperament type by a simple blood test! (Although as Fielding points out this is where other things start playing a role – timing, proximity, the way you’ve been brought up. And let’s not forget drugs – both legal and illegal – steroids, birth control pills that plays tricks with your brain chemistry and might alter it).

However, there’s also a way to determine someone’s temperament type online, without any blood tests. Fielding carried out a survey on a popular online dating page and found that the four primary types use different vocabulary to express their feelings – and if you use the words that ring true to your potential date’s type, you’re more inclined to be drawn towards them. Simple as that!

Could this be why we are sometimes instinctively drawn towards someone online, someone we have never met, someone we have never even spoken to – but what he/she says in the profile, in the emails just sounds ‘right’?

Could it be that chemistry really is the key to finding love? recently added this exact type of personality test to their profile pages so if you want to find out which personality type you are and who you might be drawn to then head over to our Review for more info.

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