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Online Dating Horror Stories

Why is a dating review site linking to a story about online dating horror stories?

Well searching for a partner online doesn’t leave you immune to the normal pitfalls and trials of offline dating. Sometimes people just don’t match up.

That attractive and perfectly sounding potential match might turn out to be totally incompatible in real life.

The following collection of dating horror stories comes from The Awl, an Australian site who surveyed its readers on The Most Horrific Things Encountered While Online Dating some starters…

“My online date was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. She never mentioned that prior to our meeting. True, I swear. My first words on our date were: ‘Pardon me, but are you pregnant?’ A gay friend of hers, it turns out, had inseminated her with a turkey baster, or so she said. When I asked what she was doing on a blind date when she was going to give birth in two weeks she said: ‘The baby has me; I want someone.”

Thankfully most of the stories are pretty light hearted and funny – there’s oddballs, strange habits and Definitely Not The Right Person For Me. There’s a few stories toward the end though that are definitely not funny, so be aware of some frank writing and experiences.

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