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Tastebuds – a dating site for music lovers

We thought we’d take a look at Tastebuds, the new dating site for music lovers, to find out what it’s all about…

Not everyone cares to go through the tedious business of profile-writing on dating sites but there is one thing that people often do take the trouble to mark in their profiles . Musical tastes. What bands they like. The songs they listen to. So it’s perhaps no surprise that a site like Tastebuds would emerge that utilises the universal language of music to create a bridge of connection with others who like the same kind of music.

Tastebuds is the brainchild of two American guys – a dating site which connects people through music. And not just for dating, but also for finding friends or concert buddies, for socialising online and widening your musical tastes. Their idea was that usually the first thing that people start talking about when they try to get acquainted with someone is music and that similar tastes really do matter when looking for a possible life partner.

We can’t argue with that. Tastebuds is a dating site but it’s also kind of like a social networking site and at the same time it’s also a site for music lovers of all kinds. You can perform a standard dating site search here, looking for a date but you can also listen to the site’s own radio where they play the songs that have been selected by all your matches. You can browse through all kinds of music events that are taking place near you and that have been listed by the users – what better place for music lovers to go on a date to than a gig?!

You can link your Tastebuds account also to your Spotify or or Facebook account, so therefore it sounds like it’s a pretty trustworthy site too since some people actually appear here with their real names and identities. Of course, you can still stay anonymous and just appear with your username, totally up to you. You can get an access to all users with similar tastes – and even if you’re not really keen to find a date or an online friend, you could find some great new music to add to your playlist.

Tastebuds is a niche dating site like there are so many of them these days – a lot of sites are trying to stand out in the jungle of online dating. But we think Tastebuds actually has a pretty good chance to succeed. Whether it will develop into a real and serious dating site or takes the role of a music lover’s social networking site – only time will tell. website

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