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Waterloo Romeo Goes Dating

We hand over to DoingSomtheing for a guest post about their valiant efforts to find the Waterloo Romeo guy the romance he’s been searching for (plus a whole lot of fun)…

You may or may not have spotted Waterloo Romeo hopelessly trawling London’s streets looking for love. Otherwise known as Gerald, this Londoner had become disillusioned with ‘run of the mill’ online dating sites and had chosen to embrace a new tactic. Last week he spent the day walking around the city brandishing a homemade palcard advertising for a “hot brunette” for dates and romance in 2014!

waterloo romeo

The response to such an outlandish move has meant that Gerald Abrahams, 39 has found himself on national TV and radio as well as being inundated with requests for a date!

Calling themselves ‘London’s most fun dating site’ the team at have subsequently adopted Gerald, making it their mission to make sure he not only finds a date but has the most fun on it possible. Their tagline is dating’s more fun when you’re doing something and that is what they intend to prove!

This weekend Gerald’s campaign officially launched and he embarked on his first date with his first “hot, brunette” courtesy of


True to form they had planned out what seemed to be a pretty fun date. Starting off with an Italian Job-style tour of London in an original mini cooper (yes the tiny ones!) with London-based company smallcarBIGCITY the couple had to direct their driver to the getaway point all while donning flat caps and boiler suits!

The second leg consisted of lunch at Pizza Pilgrims flagship store in Soho where not only did Gerald and his hot brunette get to eat their yummy Sicilian pizza but they had to make it as well (of course they did!)

Doing-Something-and-EMMAAnd finally, to complete the date the couple were sent to London Bridge for a rock climbing lesson at The Arch. Nothing like doing the unconventional to break the ice!

We asked founder of Matt Janes if these rather excessive dates really made the difference? He told us “People are quickly tiring of the standard interview-style date in a bar. If you do something a bit different that you want to do anyway you haven’t wasted any time. On top of that sharing a new experience provides the perfect ice breaker – conversation flows much more naturally when you have both ventured out your comfort zones!”

Dying to know whether Waterloo Romeo found love or not we quizzed him about the date. Despite saying the date was a “fantastic concept” and “much better than traditional Internet Dating which gets stale” it is too early to tell whether this particular hot brunette was the one!


Meanwhile Gerald certainly wont have to do too much more campaigning for love this year. He has had over 300 offers for dates so far and even more local business, restaurants and activities offering up free dates. have asked their members and followers to tweet and email in things for Gerald to do next, resolving to make the best one happen.
We vote a hot air balloon ride over the city? How about you?

To keep up with Gerald’s story follow @DoingSomething or join the site here and use ODH’s unique offer code DATINGHELP50 for 50% off any subscription!

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