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What’s right for you: cheating or iDating?

GirlJust when I started to think the internet was inundated with dating sites and that the market was full, new sites keep popping up to surprise me. HOW are they going to stand out, one would think. WHO are they going to attract? WHAT kind of competition can they possibly give? Well, here’s the answer.

Diamond Lounge (update: site discontinued) for example is the online dating site for a selected ‘elite’. And when I say selected, I really mean selected – not just anyone can sign up, you have to meet the strict Diamond Lounge criteria. However, once you’re a member you get to socialise with the most eligible singletons out there. I guess rich people can be lonely too and there’s no shame in that.

Now, when it comes to Ashley Madison one could definitely argue that there is some shame in that. It’s an online dating page for those who are married – and looking for affairs. You won’t find the Ashley Madison dating site recommended at a marriage guidance bureaus, but approve of the pitch or not you’ve got to admire the sheer audacity! After all, married people are having affairs, and if they manage to get a well-numbered customer base… fair play to them. I for one won’t be joining though – and not just because I’m still unmarried.

Believe it or not there’s even a website for those who want to use the most fashionable gadget for their online adventures. Yes, of course, I am referring to the iPhone and the new iDating (can you believe it, there’s even a word for that?) feature on SpeedDate.

These really are interesting times we’re living in.

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