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Free Online Dating vs Paid Dating Sites

There’s a question I’ve been thinking about: should, and more importantly, could online dating sites be completely free? Not in the sense of “free to join and browse but not really to send or receive messages” but really free – as some sites are? And why is it that we seem to know more about those paid sites, such as Match or Dating Direct than we do about sites that are actually free to use?

When I first started going to online dating sites about 8 years ago they were all free. In any case, even if there were paid sites, I or anyone I knew wouldn’t have dreamed of paying for finding a date. Yet now it seems a perfectly normal idea for me. So what changed people’s attitudes so completely? Is it me who has changed? Or is it the Internet?

I think the right answer is: both. At least to a certain extent. It is clear that by paying you can expect a better service – less bogus profiles, more honesty, sincerity, genuine interest in the world of online dating. Why would you fork out the money if you really weren’t all that interested in the dating scene, if you were merely just killing time not genuinely looking for someone out there? Right?

But there’s also another side to all this. It’s the kind of understanding that this is how it really works in the world. Back then, eight or so years ago it seemed more natural to me to just take what life has to offer, just reach out my hand and pluck it. Now I have sort of realised that it’s not always about acquiring, about squeezing every last drop out of every opportunity, but much more about making conscious rational decisions about where I want to take MY life. And after trying out most of those websites out there, both free and paid ones, it has become clear to me that better options lie with the paid ones.

Now, I am not saying there’s something wrong with the free sites, not in the least! They’re fun, they’re easy and simple and I am sure there are a lot of great people there too who are completely worth your while meeting and dating. It’s just that my conscious and rational mind tells me there’s more in the paid sites, that’s all. What does your mind tell you – that’s a completely different thing altogether…

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