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Last updated on April 27, 2015 | by Aet Suvari


Tinder And Instagram – A Match Made In Heaven?

An inside look at what the matchup between Tinder and Instagram might mean for online dating…

OK, so Tinder has received a fair amount of jip after recent updates and pricing changes. Not everyone has been happy about their policy of asking for money in order to use their full service Tinder Plus and although Tinder is still completely and fully usable in its free form, they’ve still been heavily criticised for the move.

However, there’s also more than one reason to be happy with Tinder’s recent updates – one of the better changes that came about was the so-called “marriage” between Tinder and Instagram, making it so much easier to get access to other users’ Instagram pages straight from their Tinder profiles.

Tinder has been – alas! – all about photos. We’d like online dating to be deep and meaningful, we try and tell everyone that inner beauty counts for more than your looks but the popularity of Tinder constantly proves us wrong. What can you do – a lot of dating business is about photos these days. However, this doesn’t have to mean that people who don’t look like supermodels have zero chance for success. Quite the opposite, actually. With Instagram integrated right into Tinder’s interface, you can now get an access to your matches IG feed.

What does that mean? Well, before this newest update, all that you were able to see on someone’s profile, was a limited number or photos that were linked to their Facebook accounts. So it was pretty much same-old same-old. However, now you get a freshly updated view every time with the live feed of someone’s Instagram account. The last 34 photos of a match will be visible in Tinder. Great stuff!

Tinder + Instagram = FRIENDS

Another step that Tinder has taken recently is moving it little bit towards to friends’ territory and further from hook-up-app land. That is, Tinder will now not just be notifying you if you and your match have mutual friends but also if you have friends of friends, which they refer to as “second degree connections”.

We are not sure what Tinder is planning entirely but it certainly looks like it’s taking more than a few leafs out of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The new profile features will now reveal all of your Facebook interests in Tinder, not just mutual ones. Lets not forget that Facebook bought Instagram in a $1 billion swoop in 2014. Instagram’s integration with Tinder might just be another sign of Facebook’s ever increasing reach on every aspect of our lives.

“If we can provide our users with more relevant information for each connection, we can take them halfway there in terms of getting a conversation going”, Tinder’s co-founder and president Sean Rad said recently to Guardian. Well, Tinder certainly sounds more and more like a proper dating app so we’re excited to see where it will end up!

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