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What to say (and what not to say) on your online dating profile

In all the years that I have been looking at online dating profiles – both as a user and as an independent reviewer – I’ve seen countless dating profiles that seem too absurd to be true.

And yet there they are. I’m not sure how much attention they get and if anyone ever actually goes on a real date with them but they could certainly do with some profile writing help.

We’ve written before about how to create a perfect dating profile that will make yours stand out among the thousands of other pages, but in case you’re struggling and thinking what type of information to include on your dating profile, here are some more tips.

1. Please, for heaven’s sake come up with a decent username. Leave out all the text talk – like gr8_girl or LOL-guy4U. It’s childish and stupid and makes you sound like a teenager. Stay away from anything vulgar (pretty much anything referring to the size of your body parts) and if spelling is not your strong suit, try to go for something easy.

2. Don’t add any personal details. You can never be too careful. Don’t include your full name, email address, Skype name or phone number. Not to speak of your home address (but we really don’t think you’d be THAT silly). Besides, none of the best paid sites would allow it in your profile anyway.

3. Don’t get me started on photos. If it’s a selfie, leave it out. If you’re even partly naked on it, keep it to yourself. If the photo shows you having consumed more alcohol than a pint or two, don’t include it. Spare other people.

4. Your education is more important than you might think. So if you’ve got something to brag about, do it!

5. Religion and politics… well, the questions are there in any standard online dating profile questionnaire, but we suggest you leave it to ticking the appropriate box. Don’t go into great lengths explaining your views. It will be annoying at best.

6. Be original, yes, maybe even slightly quirky. But going wild with fantasies and rambling on and on about them makes you just look weird and creepy.

7. Same goes for jokes. We all like people who appreciate good humour but don’t go overboard.

8. Talk about your job, your interests, your hobbies. A lot of the dating sites will ask you to describe the last good book you read or the best movie you’ve seen. Even though that’s not very inventive, it still shows something about you and your tastes. The worst thing you can do is to describe yourself as someone who ‘likes to go out but doesn’t mind to stay in’ and ‘loves traveling, good food and spending time with your friends’. Think a little and come up with things that make you so uniquely YOU.

9. Leave out the money talk. Whether you’ve got very little of it or are drowning in it, it’s just bad taste.

10. Sports is always a good subject to talk about. That is if you don’t fly into a three-page long tirade about Arsenal’s transfer policy…

11. Ex-wives, ex-husbands, everything ex should stay out of your profile. Except kids. They are allowed and even highly recommended.

12. So are your pets! Adding a pic or two of you and your pooch taking a walk in a park or your cat sleeping on you will score you a lot of cute-overload points.

Whatever you say – always be courteous and polite and remember that not everyone on the dating site necessarily share – or even understand – your sense of humour. The worst thing you can do is to be offensive and rude. That is off-putting to everyone and never-ever seen as cool and clever.

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